How Laila Fahmi all began???

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How Laila Fahmi all began???

Visit to Egypt

Before my mom's passing, she had a wish to go back home to Egypt one more time to connect with her family. Unfortunately she didn't make it. In her honor, I took it upon myself to fulfill her wish and decided to go back home for a visit after 20 years of being in Canada.

Tea and conversation

While there, I stayed with my childhood friend and one day we were having some tea and the conversation started about importing Egyptian cotton to Canada. My friend had some connection with the best manufacturer in Egypt and decided to make a phone call and set up a meeting for us. 

 Road trip to the manufacture 

Off to the manufacturer we went, about 2 hours drive away from the city. We were greeted by two classy, well-dressed ladies. They happen to be mother and daughter and have owned their family company since 1974.

Tour of the facility

They served us some treats and coffee and took us for a tour around the manufacturing facility. There were shelves stacked with  fabrics of different colors and cottons. Their facility was immaculately clean. I was delighted and impressed to notice the beautiful working women, who were very well spoken, dressed in nice outfits, very humble and polite working in a great environment doing what they love to do.

The decision was made

Of course, we decided to do business together and once returning to Canada I sent them sketches and styles of sleepwear designs and Laila Fahmi Sleepwear began! 

The highlights of my trip

I not only fulfilled my mom's last wish, I also gained a great business opportunity and spent time with my friend who unfortunately passed away 4 years ago.

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valerie lindholm
valerie lindholm

April 26, 2021

I enjoyed reading your BLOG and very happy to learn that your business uses a mother and daughter company of Egyptian cotton fabric producers – thats exciting AND that makes me feel good because I am happier supporting women !
Looking forward to accessing more of your lovely 100% Egyptian Cotton garments . I LOVE my LONG nightgown. They were never long enough until I met YOU , Laila . Appreciating your business acumen and fine fabrics. form Valerie on Canada’s west coast , in Victoria.

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